Zinc 4.0

Zinc 4.0 has been updated to support the very latest Flash Player 11
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Used by over 100,000 developers in over 75 Countries, Zinc 4.0 is the Ultimate Rapid Application Development Tool for Adobe Flash. Zinc has pioneered and innovated the 'SWF2EXE' market and continues to do so, year on year, with unprecedented power, flexibility and unrivaled feature. The Mac App Store has completely changed the way Mac Users download and purchase software, integrating their Mac App purchases directly with their existing iTunes accounts. With Zinc 4.0, you now have access to millions of potential users by submitting your Zinc 4.0 Application to the Mac App Store.For the first time in Zinc, you can now build Desktop Applications from more than just Flash. With Zinc 4.0, you can build Desktop Applications for Window and Mac OSX with HTML5. HTML5 is a broad set of open web technologies, including CSS3 and HTML5 itself, and Javascript Libraries & Frameworks such as jQuery.

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